Traverse City Knee & Shoulder Solutions 

Don't Let Chronic Knee Or Shoulder Pain

Hold You Back 

Trigenics Effectively Treats Bone-On-Bone Chronic Knee Pain & Shoulder Pain Neurologically for Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Temporary "Fixes" are just not good enough anymore as the pain continues to get worse year by year! 

Drugs merely cover up symptoms

Cortisone injections destroy cartilage and stem cells

Exercise therapy is temporary and doesn't address the neurology that is the Cause of chronic pain



Find Out What's Wrong

Neurological & Physical Examination


Our Guarantee to You

We will get Results in One or Two Complimentary Trial Visit(s) or we won't take the case


Develop Your Personal Care Plan

to get you back doing the things you love to do

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Dr. Chris Moran

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Dr. Jamie Jasman 

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Dr. Jasman's Bio

Dr. Moran and Dr. Jasman specialize in the treatment of Chronic Knee Pain and Frozen Shoulder/Impingement cases and in treating Spinal Discs and Peripheral Neuropathy, with both Doctors guaranteeing Results in up to 2 complimentary visits or they won't accept the patient for care. That is the degree of confidence Dr. Moran and Dr. Jasman have in Trigenics®, a neurologically-based treatment system that reconnects the way the brain communicates with the injured and damaged muscles and joints. Because of the way our nerve pathways are "hard-wired" in our body, the expected result is immediate relief of pain and increased range of motion and function of the previously injured body part. 

The New Patient visit begins with a complete case history detailing the pain symptoms and any relevant accidents and trauma. Then detailed neurological and Trigenics® physical examinations are performed to determine the nature and extent of the neurological and mechanical dysfunction within the muscles, joints, spine and/or brain. After reviewing the findings with the new patient (and spouse or other loved one generally), a Trial Trigenics treatment will be performed to determine if the patient is a good candidate for care. Once accepted for care, a detailed treatment plan will be discussed. Where appropriate, Dr. Moran and Dr. Jasman will discuss nutritional and lifestyle modifications to address metabolic issues to help increase overall health. The Doctors will often refer and utilize the professional expertise of trusted practitioners specializing in other health areas either within the Whole Health Traverse City clinic or our Medical Physician partners, Dr Lammy and/or Dr Siemer, in order to enhance and speed recovery.

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