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"Whole Health and Dr Moran have changed my life. I had several knee injections over the last few years. Synvisc and Cortisone both and they helped for a while. I am bone on bone so I was facing a very "NOT WANTED" knee replacement surgery. Saw Dr Moran's ad on FB and thought there wasn't anything to lose that's for sure!!! So for $68 for first exam and consult went in for appointment! So thankful I did....Dr Moran very caring and sincere about wanting to help me get well... again. After first appointment/treatment I was feeling better. Now my injury is over six years old so it will take some time to get well......But his positive attitude, caring and determination to help me is amazing and my attitude has continued to be positive also. In the last week or so feel I have gone over the hump to wellness. I have a ways to go yet but know with his treatments and support will get there. I will be back on my horse and competing again. I am no spring chicken either so it does take more time to heal as we get older. Very very positive experience, can't say enough good about Dr. Moran and all the staff at Whole Health. Love them all!" - Lynn

This place rocks, I needed surgery as I couldn't do stairs without a great deal of pain. Doc (Doctor Moran) has done an outstanding job on my knee along with his assistants!!! - Will Kleehammer patient of Dr. Chris Moran's with chronic knee pain

"Dr Moran has been a great help to me! I had shoulder strain and rotator cuff injury 4 years ago. After many treatments with physical therapy, exercise and anti-inflammatory meds it was still painful...After seeing Dr Moran for a series of chiropractic treatments and some advice regarding some nutritional changes, I am happy to say I am nearly pain-free! I highly recommend Dr Moran's care and holistic approach!"  Thomas L., M.D.

 "I cannot even tell you how amazing the difference is between yesterday and today! I feel like a completely new person! So thank you so much Dr. Moran"
Carrie - with previous low back and sacroiliac pain that she could not stand or walk without severe sharp pain


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