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"Whole Health and Dr Moran have changed my life. I had several knee injections over the last few years. Synvisc and Cortisone both and they helped for a while. I am bone on bone so I was facing a very "NOT WANTED" knee replacement surgery. Saw Dr Moran's ad on FB and thought there wasn't anything to lose that's for sure!!! So for $68 for first exam and consult went in for appointment! So thankful I did....Dr Moran very caring and sincere about wanting to help me get well... again. After first appointment/treatment I was feeling better. Now my injury is over six years old so it will take some time to get well......But his positive attitude, caring and determination to help me is amazing and my attitude has continued to be positive also. In the last week or so feel I have gone over the hump to wellness. I have a ways to go yet but know with his treatments and support will get there. I will be back on my horse and competing again. I am no spring chicken either so it does take more time to heal as we get older. Very very positive experience, can't say enough good about Dr. Moran and all the staff at Whole Health. Love them all!" - Lynn

This place rocks, I needed surgery as I couldn't do stairs without a great deal of pain. Doc (Doctor Moran) has done an outstanding job on my knee along with his assistants!!! - Will Kleehammer patient of Dr. Chris Moran's with chronic knee pain

"Dr Moran has been a great help to me! I had shoulder strain and rotator cuff injury 4 years ago. After many treatments with physical therapy, exercise and anti-inflammatory meds it was still painful...After seeing Dr Moran for a series of chiropractic treatments and some advice regarding some nutritional changes, I am happy to say I am nearly pain-free! I highly recommend Dr Moran's care and holistic approach!"  Thomas L., M.D.

"Many thanks to your wonderful staff.  Jeff and Heather worked together to make it possible for me to wean myself off prescription medication for RLS.  I had taken an Rx. for eight years.  My condition had worsened, became more frequent and I was taking more medication to remedy the symptoms.  I spoke to my medical doctor who agreed that I should try to back off the meds.  I spoke with Jeff who had two different herbal supplements for me to take only after I finished weaning off prescription drugs.  He did acupuncture treatments and massage.  After several weeks I started to feel much better.  It has now been three months and I'm symptom free.  Thanks again for your caring and support during a rough time".
Sandra - South Lyon 

"Joan D'Argo has given me my life back. I had recently moved to the area and was unable to find a Psychiatrist to see me for the PTSD I was having. I was feeling depressed and hopeless. I came across Joan's name on the Internet when I was looking for an acupuncturist, and saw that she performed Shiatsu, Reiki and spiritual healing. Joan called me back immediately and was so caring on the phone. I met with her soon after and I am amazed at how much she has helped me to heal from the trauma over the last few months. She helped me get the "broken record" of the trauma out of my head and helped me close the door on the past through visualization, guidance and intuition. She taught me techniques I can do if I start feeling anxious in public. I even got to meet and learn how to contact my Spirit animal, a beautiful snow owl, which was a really great experience! Joan has a beautiful soul that radiates such a warm, bright light. I feel very comfortable with her and will always  be greatful that she came into my life. I wish I would have met her years ago! Thank you Joan!" - Susan - Traverse City

"It is a great feeling to know that Jeff and the staff have an affordable way for the community to do acupuncture.  I wouldn't be able to afford this if I had to go to a non-community clinic.  Community acupuncture clinic is a great way for people to get to know how this works.  It has certainly helped me.  I do a lot of lifting at my job and my muscles get tight.  Jeff really knows his stuff and is very helpful with explaining ways to help with diet and exercise. All and all, I have to say this was a very good decision on my part to start coming to Shoreline.  I recommend to people at work with migraines and other problems".
Tom - Grawn

"I was experiencing one of the worst exacerbations of Multiple Sclerosis I have had in years. The acupuncture treatments and care I received from the exceptional practitioner resolved my symptoms in just a few weeks. I was terrified, walking with a cane, unable to work or think clearly. I was truly healed. No longer using a cane and I am back to work and feeling great".
Lisa - Traverse City

 "I cannot even tell you how amazing the difference is between yesterday and today! I feel like a completely new person! So thank you so much Dr. Moran"
Carrie - with previous low back and sacroiliac pain that she could not stand or walk without severe sharp pain

"I wanted to let you know that I have been feeling amazing these past couple weeks after my consultation with Heather.  My skin started clearing up almost immediately after I began eating the fermented foods.  I can't tell you how much it means to me that you taught me the truth of how to heal my own body." 

Marissa - Mount Pleasant

"I'm pleased to tell you I haven't had one migraine since a week ago Friday.  And you Jeff, found the solution that nobody else could pinpoint for years.  Thank you and your team so much!"

James - Traverse City

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