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Working together is an opportunity to examine your life, explore barriers that you’ve accumulated, and discover why your life isn’t working the way you would like. That is the basis for moving forward. I will efficiently and holistically guide my clients toward changes they want easily and quickly.  My knowledge of easily understood techniques can offer deep, profound and lasting healing. The techniques I use heal at the level of the human energy system which holds the wisdom of our bodies and spirit.  I like these proven techniques- they are easy to learn and clients enjoy doing them.   I’ve seen people become more accepting and loving of themselves and others.  I enjoy watching my clients open up to who they are energetically - releasing new potential, new insight and feeling better physically and emotionally.

Maybe you’re struggling with:






Loss and grief

Life transitions

Recovery from trauma

Facing a difficult decision 

Struggling to move beyond past wounds

Repeating habits that no longer serve you

No matter what your reason for seeking counseling services or the root causes of your current situation, as long as you’re looking for help and wanting to grow, I can provide you the support YOUR life calls for.

I accept multiple insurance providers and work with EAP programs.  


To schedule an appointment with Theresa please contact her directly at 231-409-9215

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