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What Is Neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback is a process of training brainwaves back into healthy patterns using modern computer technology. This non-invasive and drug free approach uses brain imaging technology to record brainwave activity and identify unhealthy brainwave patterns. Once irregular patterns have been identified, they can be corrected using guided audio and visual feedback. Neurofeedback literally means “brain” and “input”, where the brain is monitored and input is given instantly. Neurofeedback specifically monitors brainwaves, looks for irregularities, then produces a signal that is designed to correct the irregularity and guide the brainwave back into a healthy pattern. With repetition of this process over time, the brain will learn to stay in healthy ranges without the aid of the computer. The result is an improvement in brain regulation, which in turn can reduce or eliminate most neurological symptoms.

Who Can Benefit?

Neurofeedback can work on anyone, no matter the age. All that is required is the ability to focus on the audio or video stimulation. Any neurological condition that involves irregular brainwaves can be targeted and improved with neurofeedback. These conditions include: 


The Benefits of Neurofeedback


A powerful and non-invasive process that can help eliminate or improve symptoms of











  • addiction,

  • anxiety

  • autism

  • brain injury

  • depression

  • Epilepsy/seizures

  • fibromyalgia

  • insomnia

  • lymes disease 

  • migraines

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • PTSD/stress

What Are Brainwaves? How Do They Affect Me?

Neurofeedback targets the four primary brainwaves (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta). Each of these brainwaves is responsible for regulating the active and subconscious aspects of your body. Take a look at the diagram below:

Beta is primarily active during your awake state, which is the majority of your day. Alpha has to do with your subconscious, and is dominant during relaxed states when your eyes are closed but you are not asleep. Theta is present briefly during the periods before you fall asleep and before you fully wake up. Delta is primarily active when you are asleep. All of these brain waves are equally important to your health, and neurological disorders can be attributed to specific brain waves. For example, when you have brain irregularities caused by a head injury, your brain may have too much frontal theta or delta being produced when you are supposed to be awake and alert. By retraining these abnormal patterns in the affected areas, symptoms can be improved or eliminated.

How do we determine your condition?

The Heart of this process is our brain mapping system, which allows us to image the brain in real time. Brain mapping is the process we use to visualize inside the brain and identify irregular brainwave patterns. Using a cap placed on your head, our software captures the electrical impulses in the brain. The results are uploaded to a database, which generates a detailed report identifying the problem areas of your brain. The report will also generate a set of protocols for addressing those problems using neurofeedback.

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